15 Inspiring Parent Tattoos Honoring Their Children

As my family is about to welcome baby sister into our brood, my husband and I have been contemplating getting tattoos to honor our girls. We’ve known since we had Abby four years ago that we wanted to do this, but now that our family is complete with sister, it has been on our minds a lot more. I’ve been checking out ideas from other parents and found these great tattoos from other moms and dads to honor their children. Some are to celebrate while others are to memorialize babies lost. Ranging from the simplicity of a child’s name to a  more complex piece strewn with symbolism, these tattoos are amazing tributes to children that any mama can appreciate.

Parent Tattoos Honoring Children 1 of 16
Check out these stellar tattoos parents have gotten to honor their children!
Sparrows 2 of 16
"This is a tattoo I got a couple years ago to represent my children. I have five children so I got a sparrow for each of them."

--Amy Reilly, mom of five from Florida
Scripture Inspired 3 of 16
This tattoo is for Jennifer's husband and three kids. One of the hearts is colored in for her son, who has a heart defect. It says, "Faith Hope Love" with a heart between each word. It's from 1 Corinthians 13:13.

--Jennifer Howard, mom of three from San Diego, California
Remembering Lost Twins 4 of 16
Diana, a close friend of mine, got her sons' footprints on each wrist. Preston's feet are pictured on the left and Julian's are pictured on the right. She lost her boys at 20 weeks pregnant after a battle to save them after her water broke prematurely. As her friend, I'm so very grateful she carries their feet with her everyday. --Diana Stone, mom of four, three of which are angel babies, from El Paso, Texas
Half Sleeves 5 of 16
"Mr. Wonder has a tattoo for each of our sons—he loves being a father! Our eldest has his 6-month handprints in his. He is daddy's right-hand man and his little prince. It also refers to his name's meaning. (Defender of men—also inspired by Alexander the Great). The baby's footprints from the hospital are on his left arm and has an oyster with a pearl to represent his birth month, June. Mr. Wonder loves the ocean and admires Asian art, so those were inspirations for his left arm, which is almost finished."

--Megan, aka Mrs. Wonder, mom of two from California

You can check out an amazing picture of Mr. Wonder holding one of the boys featured alongside the tattoo. It will melt your heart!
Honoring Generations 6 of 16
"My daughter was born on my late grandmother's birthday, and so to honor both of them, I got a tattoo of a marigold (their birth flower) with a peony (my grandmother had them in her front yard) and the date of their shared birthday."

--Jenna R., mom of one and one on the way from Minnesota
Hope After a Miscarriage 7 of 16
After Victoria miscarried, she got this feather and bird tattoo to honor her loss. It's inspired by an Emily Dickinson poem, "'Hope' is the thing with feathers." You can read more about the tattoo's meaning and her story of miscarriage on her blog, Crowning Victoria.

--Victoria from Washington, D.C.
Child's Drawing 8 of 16
Submitted by his wife, Andrew Bishop has a tattoo of a vampire his son drew when he was 3 years old.

--Angela Bishop, mom of three boys (and one girl on the way!) from California
Abigail the Angel 9 of 16
Submitted by his wife, Scott Foskey has a design of an angel with the name of his daughter, Abigail, atop. Her name was inspired by his sister-in-law, Angelia Marie. He got the tattoo two days after her birth and considers her to be a gift from God because they had a miscarriage before her.

--Teresa Foskey, mom of five from Florida
Bumblebee Symbolism 10 of 16
"This bumblebee is for my daughter Elliott, my first born. I've never been the tattoo type, but I knew something symbolic for my child was something I would never regret. She had a lovey, which was a small blanket with a bumblebee attached to it. Slowly, bumblebees just became her thing."

--Amanda, mom of two from Washington
Capturing Boyhood Innocence 11 of 16
"My son Liam was born three years after my daughter Elliot, and I knew I wanted another tattoo just for him. I chose a paper airplane, just like the ones on his swaddling blankets. He's not so attached to his lovey, but this cute little graphic still reminds me of him and the innocence of his boyhood."

--Amanda, mom of two from Washington
Ambigram 12 of 16
"I have an ambigram of my husband and sons' names going down the length of my back. Here you can see the top of 'Nathaniel.'"

--Chelsea Day, mom of two from San Diego, California
Son And Dad Tattoo 13 of 16
"This tattoo is located on my back on the left rib cage. The tattoo actually honors my son Aramis and my dad Ramiro. My dad has a cobra tattooed on his left arm. I always knew I wanted to get a tattoo and figured a cobra would be bad ass LOL. Aramis' middle name is Ramiro, since my dad had all girls. Aramis is the first boy in our family. I chose to go no color because I felt it wasn't a girly tattoo and I wanted it to look like my dad's. His is grey too. I love it!"

--Candy Olivares, mom of two from Texas
Sadie 14 of 16
"My tattoo is (obviously) in honor of my daughter, Sadie. After she was born, I was totally blindsided by all those intense new mom feelings—every time I looked at her, I'm pretty sure cartoon hearts flew out of my eyeballs—so I pretty much wanted to tattoo her name all over my entire body. I wisely gave myself over a year to let those feelings mellow before moving forward with any tattoo plans, and a few months before her second birthday, I got this tiny wrist tattoo one day on my lunch hour. I've heard many warnings about getting someone's name tattooed on your body, but...she's my daughter. She always will be. She changed my life and my heart forever. I can't think of a better reason to get a tattoo (and it's still small enough to easily hide once she becomes overwhelmingly embarrassed by it in about ten years)."

--Gayle, mom of one from Pennsylvania
Marley 15 of 16
After her daughter's birth, Krystal, a mom of two from Toronto, Canada, got this lovely script in red of Marley's name. She's currently contemplating a tattoo to honor her son, born six months ago.
Marley Susan 16 of 16
Krystal's husband, Jason, added Marley's first and middle name to his already tattooed arms. I love how it perfectly fits in there. It was kismet!
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