Diapers are probably no one’s favorite part of parenting. But potty training your child isn’t always a picnic, either. (Yes, we all have friends for whom toilet training has been a total breeze. Lucky devils.) It’s best to take a big-picture view and remember that setbacks are part of the road to success, and any unpleasantness along the way (cleanups, stalemates) is a means to a very good end: independent toileting, an exciting milestone for kids and parents alike. But how do you start? What’s the best approach? How will you overcome roadblocks? Babble has you covered with our complete Potty Training Guide. We also take a look at why “readiness” doesn’t work for all kids — and give you tried-and-true tips from real parents who’ve trained and triumphed! And we provide guidance on the best training potties; underwear; and books, videos, and music to help you reach the promised potty land. You’ll get there. We promise.