10 Adorable Pups Who Are Doggone Excited For Super Bowl XLVII


10 Adorable Pups Who Are Doggone Excited For Super Bowl XVVII via Babble

Hey sports lovers, are you ready for the big day on Sunday? It looks like your dog might be, too. I mean who’s to say that our furry friends aren’t excited for Super Bowl XVVII?

Recently, our Django has taken to sleeping on our NY Jets blanket more than usual (but perhaps that is a sign of depression). In any case, it seems that everywhere you turn this week, the big game in New Orleans is in the minds and hearts of many, and our pets are no exception.

In fact, these puppies below are doggone excited about the big game coming up. While some of them want to play on the field themselves and others would just like to snuggle up with you and watch the game on the big screen, they are all counting down the minutes.

Check out these sports loving pups and see what they are most excited about this Super Bowl weekend:




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