10 Cats Who Prove Just How Much Cats Hate Getting Wet


There was this heat wave that seemed to hit a lot of us a few days ago. For some of you, your still in it but thankfully for me it seems to have passed — for now. I am not someone who deals too well with the humidity and you know, it has to be worse for our pets — with all that fur!

Dogs love to play in the water, so I bet there were a lot of hose-downs and trips to the nearby river for the dogs to swim in. For cats though, it’s a different story. Most of the time (well, for my cats) on the hot days they bury themselves in my closet or under my bed where it’s cooler and stay until later in the day. It would be so much easier if I could just help them like I can myself and give them a nice cool bath, but we all know what it’s like for cats and water. They do not get along. Cats (normal ones) hate getting wet and I have some photos to prove that.

Click through to see 10 cats who prove that cats really do hate water:

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Photo credit:  khanb1 on Flickr

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