10 Dogs Wearing the "Cone of Shame"


If you own a dog, likely at some point he’s had to wear the “cone of shame”. It’s that plastic or hard fabric cone collar that is worn around the neck and flowers out the head and just looks completely uncomfortable.

Since the adorable 2009 Pixar movie Up was released, this cone collar has been coined the cone of shame when the cute dog Dug was forced to wear one as a punishment from the dog pack he was apart of. While this is not really the reason dogs typically are wearing the cone collar, it’s certainly made it a lot more interesting.

This cone is really called the “Elizabethan collar” and is usually placed on a dog for a short period of time typically placed to keep your dog from licking or scratching at a surgical incision, hot spot or other irritation, according to The Daily Puppy. It’s made up of a hard plastic and dogs are to wear them until their incision or irritation heals. They’re able to sleep, eat and play wearing the cone, but as you could imagine, not all dogs are tolerable for this new piece of hardware. According to the experts at VetStreet, the cone collar is the best course of action for you and your dog (unless you want to explore more extreme options like sedation or watching your dog literally 24/7) and is worth the short inconvenience.

Check out some adorable dogs who are getting through their stint of wearing this “cone of shame” and you’ll see, some of them hate it, but not all.

  • 10 Dogs Wearing the "Cone of Shame" 1 of 11

    Check out these dogs who are wearing the cone of shame -- some happy, some not so much. 

  • A Little Pick-me-up 2 of 11

    This dog is not really happy to have to wear the cone, but his little friend is giving him a smile to lift his spirits.

    Photo credit: image hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with permission.

  • A Little Spooked Out 3 of 11

    He's still not sure what is going on with this thing on his head. I think he's a little shell-shocked.

    Photo credit: image hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with permission.

  • As Happy As Could Be 4 of 11

    I mean, he's smiling from ear to ear. Clearly, it can't be that bad to wear the cone.

    Photo credit: image hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with permission.

  • Little Hope 5 of 11

    He can't even seem to get comfortable wearing the cone and just looks so sad.

    Photo credit: Clintus McGintus | Flickr AttributionShare Alike

  • Really? I Have To? 6 of 11

    He's clearly not impressed with the vet's decision to wear this thing on his head.

    Photo credit:  twodolla | Flickr Attribution

  • Make The Best of It 7 of 11

    He has a cone already, might as well make him as cool looking as possible with a mustache and a hat, right?

    Photo credit: image hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with permission.

  • Sleep Time 8 of 11

    This adorable dog is getting creative with how to take a quick nap on the couch.

    Photo credit: heschong | Flickr Attribution

  • I’ll Take It Dry 9 of 11

    He is all dressed up like a martini -- a good way to pass the time wearing a cone.

    Photo credit: | Flickr Attribution

  • Time to Play 10 of 11

    He is not letting the cone get in the way of him having fun. Playing fetch despite the collar.

    Photo credit: harmonicagoldfish | Flickr AttributionShare Alike

  • Flower Power 11 of 11

    If your dog is not happy with the cone, try to brighten his spirits by decorating him up like a bright sunflower. Works for this guy.

    Photo credit: image hosted on Imgur Gallery. Used with permission.

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