10 Hilarious Photos of Dogs with "Old Man" Faces


One of the magical things about pets is how hard we fall in love with them. All it really takes is one look into their eyes, and you fall hard. Dogs’ eyes and faces carry with them a wisdom that’s not quite like any other household pet. They can look at you with their eyes, and you’ll know that whatever weight is sitting on your shoulder, you have someone who is willing to bear that with you: your trusted dog.

There’s a new book on the market now that looks beyond a dog’s eyes! It takes a closer look at the story their faces, full of wisdom and experience, tell. “Dogs with Old Man Faces: Portraits of Crotchety Canines” (October 2013; Running Press) by Tom Cohen features gorgeously photographed portraits of dogs whose faces resemble the faces of irritable human men. I mean, what’s not to love about that?!

Click through and see 10 of the dogs featured in the book who have “old man” faces:

  • 10 Dogs With Old Man Faces 1 of 11

    There is nothing cuter than a crotchety old dog!

    Photo credit: Mutts Matter Rescue (title added)

  • Otis 2 of 11

    There is an adorable sadness in his eyes that makes you just want to give him a hug.

    Photo credit: © Dan Winters. Used with permission.

  • Pascal 3 of 11

    He's got that "what is that kid doing over there" look to his face, doesn't he?

    Photo credit: © Tom Cohen. Used with permission.

  • Roscoe 4 of 11

    I think it's the eyebrow haircut, but either way, he's wonderfully grumpy.

    Photo credit: © Tom Cohen. Used with permission.

  • Saul 5 of 11

    He has a sad look to his eyes, too. I wonder if he's aching to climb into his rocking chair.

    Photo credit: © Dan Winters. Used with permission.

  • Barney 6 of 11

    I can't. There's nothing to say about this face. He's too cute.

    Photo credit: Renxx Fmdr, photo. Used with permission.

  • Duster 7 of 11

    He's got a smirk to him that he's just waiting for you to get in trouble.

    Photo credit: © T.J. Nuckolls. Used with permission.

  • Gus 8 of 11

    I just can't get enough of his adorable hair. I mean, it's so grumpy-man like!

    Photo credit: © Dan Winters. Used with permission.

  • Homer 9 of 11

    This one is my favorite. I mean, I can totally see the older gentleman down the street here.

    Photo credit: © Mutts Matter Rescue. Used with permission.

  • Mr. Tiggs 10 of 11

    He seems like he's really focused on something, and if he's like a grumpy old man, he's making sure those kids don't cross his lawn.

    Photo credit: © Dan Winters. Used with permission.

  • Muttley 11 of 11

    Oh, crush my soul with your eyes — why don't you, Muttley?

    Photo credit: © Richard Dudley. Used with permission.

These images and more can be viewed in the new portrait book “Dogs with Old Man Faces: Portraits of Crotchety Canines” by Tom Cohen. Want a copy? You can purchase your copy from Amazon, $13.95.

Images provided and used with permission from book’s Digital Publicist. All rights reserved.

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