10 Photos of Cats Doing People Things


If you have ever had a cat before, you will know this next statement to be true. While generally they are sweet — cats have this attitude about them that is like no other animal. I call it ‘cat-attude’ and it’s a combination of “what the heck are you doing?” and “I am so much better than you” that makes up their personality.

Cats think they are better than us. I think they believe that we are their slaves, their pets and we’re here for the sole purpose of doing what they want, when they want. It’s proof in the weird things they do — including pretending to be people.

Click through to see 10 photos of 10 cats doing people things:

  • Playing Piano 1 of 10
    Playing Piano
    I have a feeling he's not very good at it.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Waiting for Daddy 2 of 10
    Waiting for Daddy
    My kids would do this every evening.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Hating on Laundry 3 of 10
    Hating on  Laundry
    Because who loves it?
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Playing on the iPad 4 of 10
    Playing on the iPad
    I wonder what his favorite game is.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Playing DESTROY 5 of 10
    Playing DESTROY
    Watch out !!
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Rocking a Party 6 of 10
    Rocking a Party
    Hey, Mr. DJ! Play my favorite song!
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Researching 7 of 10
    I wonder if it's for school or pleasure.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Using the Toilet 8 of 10
    Using the Toilet
    Toiled trained cat? Yes, Please!
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Dressing Fancy 9 of 10
    Dressing Fancy
    Cause kitties want to be told they're pretty too.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Playing Pranks 10 of 10
    Playing Pranks
    He's doing to distribute his photocopied behind in an office memo.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur

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Photo credit: hosted on Imgur


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