10 Steps to A Happy Life According to Breton the Cat (Video)


10 Steps to A Happy Life According to Breton the Cat (Video)My whole family and I are all still dealing with the early fall flu and we’ve been quite miserable! The flu is starting to fade though a week later and life is looking a lot happier, that is until the next flu comes around and hits us.

When I am feeling down, not much more will get me feeling happier than our furry cats. The fun people on I Can Haz Cheeseburger found this adorable video done by Ariel on Vimeo that features a gorgeous cat named Breton, who is kindly sharing the secrets to a happy life with us — I can totally use it right now. I love sharing the happy with you all and this video is all happy.

Click through to watch the gorgeous cat Breton give us the steps we need to have a happy life:

Photo and video credit: BRETON’S GUIDE TO LIFE (in 10 steps) from Ariel Belziti on Vimeo.


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