12 Dogs Asleep in Strange Places


Oh friends I have had a LOONG weekend. It’s been full of lots of work, lots of kids who just won’t sleep and lots of wishing I could take a nap. I think that if given the opportunity, I could really sleep for quite a while. If only I didn’t have trouble falling asleep, though some days I really do feel like I could fall asleep just about anywhere. I am jealous of these pictures I found of these pups. Some have me really confused on what they were thinking (like, really, a boot?) but mostly they are adorably funny. These 12 dogs really can just fall asleep anywhere. Click through to see funny photos of 12 really sleepy dogs who are able to sleep just about anywhere:

  • On A Boot 1 of 12
    On A Boot
    Looks like a perfectly reasonable pillow
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • In The Drawer 2 of 12
    In The Drawer
    So tiny he fits perfectly
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • On The Floor 3 of 12
    On The Floor
    Just gave up and fell asleep.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Face First 4 of 12
    Face First
    Looks like he was hard partying.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Couch Cuddle 5 of 12
    Couch Cuddle
    This cutie looks totally drunk.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Railing Love 6 of 12
    Railing Love
    I don't know what he was thinking, but I;m laughing.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • X-Box Games 7 of 12
    X-Box Games
    Playing hard will make you fall hard.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Syncronized 8 of 12
    Friends who sleep together...
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • All Cuddled In 9 of 12
    All Cuddled In
    That's my idea of a nap.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Worn Out 10 of 12
    Worn Out
    Someone played hard outside.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Head First 11 of 12
    Head First
    This one makes me die, so funny.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur
  • Bacon Sleep 12 of 12
    Bacon Sleep
    So tired he fell asleep with bacon in his mouth.
    Photo credit: hosted by Imgur

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Photo credit: hosted on Imgur


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