Watch Your Eyes! 12 Ugliest Animals In The World

I am a big fan of weird things and there really is nothing weirder then looking at all the different animals this planet of ours holds. There are animals with the brightest colors, the sharpest teeth and there are times a creatures comes to mind that is just — ugly!

I think most insects are ugly because who really wants to see a stick that walks around or anything with eight legs? There are some animals that start off ugly and grow into their cuteness, but there are some animals that just say ugly forever. You know what though — they probably think we are ugly too.

Click through to see the 12 most ugly animals in the world:

  • Star-Nosed Mole 1 of 12
    Star-Nosed Mole
    The tip of their snout has a pink disc with 22 tentacle like fingers which is where this ugly animal gets it's name.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia
  • California Condor 2 of 12
    California Condor
    Condors don't breed until they are 6-8 years old which is a contributing factor to their low numbers.
    Source: Natural Geographic
    Photo credit: Wikipedia
  • Naked Mole Rat 3 of 12
    Naked Mole Rat
    Naked mole rats spend all of their time underground and must constantly dig to find the scarce food.
    Source: National Zoo
    Photo credit: Wikipedia
  • Aye-Aye 4 of 12
    These ugly animals are protected by law as they are seen as an omen of bad luck and were often killed on sight in their native Madagascar.
    Source: National Geographic
    Photo credit: Wikipedia
  • Blobfish 5 of 12
    Blobfish sightings are so rare because they live in the sea at the depth 800 meters - where it's nearly impossible for other life to live.
    Source: It's Nature
    Photo credit: s i b e r on Flickr
  • Chinese Crested Dog 6 of 12
    Chinese Crested Dog
    It's believed that this ugly dog was once known as a Chinese Ship Dog because sailors often used the dog to hunt rats and mice on their ships.
    Source: Canada's Guide to Dogs
    Photo credit: dmott9 on Flickr
  • Mexican Burrowing Frog 7 of 12
    Mexican Burrowing Frog
    Although the Mexican Burrowing Frog is quite common they are rarely seen because they spend the majority of their time underground.
    Source: Edge of Existence
    Photo credit: Wikipedia
  • Monk Fish 8 of 12
    Monk Fish
    The monk fish may be ugly, but it's often used as a meal because of it's mild, sweet taste.
    Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
    Photo credit: Wikipedia
  • Frilled Shark 9 of 12
    Frilled Shark
    The frilled shark has over 300 trident-shaped teeth in 25 rows in that huge jaw which takes up nearly the entire head.
    Source: Discovery
    Photo credit: kainita on Flickr
  • Sea Cucumber 10 of 12
    Sea Cucumber
    The sea cucumber will eject a long, sticky threads from it's body when disturbed in order to capture it's food. Itself is also considered a food delicacy, used as an ingredient in soups.
    Source: Animal Planet
    Photo credit: Wikipedia
  • Alligator Snapping Turtle 11 of 12
    Alligator Snapping Turtle
    These turtles spend most of their time in water with exception of when the female climbs out about 50 meters inland to make a nest. They grow to be about 175 pounds.
    Source: National Geographic
    Photo credit: Wikipedia
  • Angora Rabbit 12 of 12
    Angora Rabbit
    Though they may not look all that wonderful, their fur is often sought out as it produces a "silky, delicate white fibre, it is prized for its fineness, soft texture, and lustre".
    Source: Britannica
    Photo credit: Wikipedia

:: Which do you think is the ugliest one of all? ::


Photo credit: modified from Wikipedia

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