14 Cats Doing Invisible Things

Cat on an Invisible Computer

We all know and love cats for various reasons. Some of us love their cat-attude that makes it impossible to impress them. Some enjoy the cute whiskers, the wet nose and their cute paws. Other’s have found a cat who seems to know what we need exactly when we need it. Cats are pretty awesome for that.

Me? I love that they are just a bit crazy to go along with all that cute. They have strange personalities and do things I still don’t understand (like, why does my cat go crazy and run sideways out of no where?). I am not sure we humans will ever really understand them — not honestly anyway.

But, since we do like to try and understand all we can, sometimes it’s easier to guess at what they are doing. I wonder if they are trying to mimic more of the things we do,  but don’t have all the tools. So, they go the way of the invisible and use their imagination… it works too!

Click through to see 14 photos of cats dong invisible things:

  • Invisible Rope Climbing 1 of 14
    Invisible Rope Climbing
    This cat has quite the rope climbing skills.
    Photo credit barbourians on Flickr
  • Climbing an Invisible Ladder 2 of 14
    Climbing an Invisible Ladder
    He's getting ready to repaint the fence
    Photo credit Ali Smiles on Flickr
  • Playing an Invisible Piano 3 of 14
    Playing an Invisible Piano
    He switches from playing the classics and the new pop songs.
    Photo credit dana-k on Flickr
  • Rocking an Invisible Microphone 4 of 14
    Rocking an Invisible Microphone
    More rock less country.
    Photo credit gordonflood on Flickr
  • Anxious Over Invisible Danger 5 of 14
    Anxious Over Invisible Danger
    There's nothing to worry about, yet...
    Photo credit cdemo on Flickr
  • Throwing an Invisible Baseball 6 of 14
    Throwing an Invisible Baseball
    2 out. 2 strikes and this next pitch is important.
    Photo credit shanafin on Flickr
  • Working on an Invisible Computer 7 of 14
    Working on an Invisible Computer
    He's totally reading Babble Pets!
    Photo credit yoppy on Flickr
  • Searching the Invisible File Systen 8 of 14
    Searching the Invisible File Systen
    He is wishing he filed things alphabetically.
    Photo credit brianschulman on Flickr
  • Contemplating an Invisible Math Equation 9 of 14
    Contemplating an Invisible Math Equation
    He is trying to disprove the latest math theory.
    Photo credit foshie on Flickr
  • Walking Over an Invisible Bridge 10 of 14
    Walking Over an Invisible Bridge
    Careful.... careful!
    Photo credit hisashiv on Flickr
  • Using an Invisible Vacuum 11 of 14
    Using an Invisible Vacuum
    He is trying to help out a lot more around the house.
    Photo credit somethingness on Flickr
  • Fixing an Invisible Plumbing Issue 12 of 14
    Fixing an Invisible Plumbing Issue
    The kitchen sink is leaking. Cat to the rescue.
    Photo credit marktee on Flickr
  • Fixing an Invisible Broken Car 13 of 14
    Fixing an Invisible Broken Car
    This broken car is a two cat kind of job. One takes a look at the engine and the other under the car.
    Photo credit marianneperdomo on Flickr
  • Riding an Invisible Unicycle 14 of 14
    Riding an Invisible Unicycle
    Because why not!
    Photo credit brianschulman on Flickr

Photo credit: Yoppy  /Flickr


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