14 Cats Perplexed By Their Own Face


14 Cats Perplexed By Their Own FaceSome mornings I wake up and mosey my way over to the washroom — still half asleep. I go to the washroom, wash my hands and get my toothbrush ready with toothpaste.

Then, I look up and see a face in the mirror. The first thing I think in that moment can go one of two ways:

BI think “hmm, I feel well-rested and I look it too.” or B I think “who. the. heck. is. that. tired. person?!

Typically, it’s more the second reaction than the fist as I stare at myself with bags under my eyes, hair that needs to be washed and a zoned out look that can only happen to parents who have kids who are trying out the ‘you can’t sleep’ torture method.

Now, I know I am no adorable cute kitty, but this shocked reaction is something we seem to have in common. I have no idea if cats know that the kitty staring them in the face is really them, but some of them I am guessing have no idea.

Click through to see 14 cats who seem perplexed by their own face:

  • Err, Hello? 1 of 14
    Err, Hello?
    He was not expecting this guy to be here, was he?
    Photo credit: madnzany/Flickr
  • It’s On Buddy 2 of 14
    It's On Buddy
    I wouldn't want to mess with this guy. He seems to really mean business.
    Photo hosted on ICHC, used with permission
  • I’m Just Going to Ignore You 3 of 14
    I'm Just Going to Ignore You
    A confused cat sees himself in the reflection of the mirror when he's trying to stare at the birds.
    Photo credit: mararie/Flickr
  • Get. Out. Of. My. House 4 of 14
    Get. Out. Of. My. House
    Poor guy has no idea and is feeling quite territorial.
    Photo hosted on ICHC, used with permission
  • I Don’t Get It 5 of 14
    I Don't Get It
    A cat who is wondering why he can see you in front of him and behind him.
    Photo credit: the bridge/Flickr
  • Cat Face? 6 of 14
    Cat Face?
    He's wondering where those big, intimidating cat eyes came from.
    Photo credit: donjd2/Flickr
  • Imma Get Ya 7 of 14
    Imma Get Ya
    OOOH, watch out! Also, poor cat needs something else to do.
    Photo hosted on ICHC, used with permission
  • Hello, Friend! 8 of 14
    Hello, Friend!
    Instant best friends, too bad he never ventures out too far.
    Photo credit: gerriet/Flickr
  • Dude, Out of My Way 9 of 14
    Dude, Out of My Way
    Someone is getting upset that another cat is stealing the spotlight.
    Photo credit: emdot/Flickr
  • Um, What? 10 of 14
    Um, What?
    I think they are trying to talk to each other. He's upset that cat is always talking over him.
    Photo credit: jarapet/Flickr
  • Is He Still There? 11 of 14
    Is He Still There?
    Sweet cat just trying to take a little peek. & yep, still there.
    Photo credit: Minarae/Flickr
  • Just a Peek 12 of 14
    Just a Peek
    He can't still be there staring at me, right?
    Photo hosted on ICHC, used with permission
  • I Could Stare at This All Day 13 of 14
    I Could Stare at This All Day
    Someone is totally in love with that cat they see in the mirror.
    Photo hosted on ICHC, used with permission
  • Are You Stuck? 14 of 14
    Are You Stuck?
    Sweet kitty who is trying to help a fellow kitten.
    Photo hosted on ICHC, used with permission

Photo credit: modified from image hosted on ICHC


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