15 Dogs and Cats That Are Thrilled About The Election Results (Photos)

15 Dogs and Cats That Are Thrilled About The Election Results (Photos) via Babble
Smart kitty

I curled up with my pup Django as the election returns came in. Grateful for her warmth as we still struggle with no heat post-Hurricane Sandy, it dawned on me that if Django could vote, I think she would have voted to re-elect our President.

At different points, she seemed to be watching the results along with me but then drifted into sleep as the night went on.

Today, I saw that so many pets were nearly as happy as their owners to hear the new that President Obama will now be a two-term president.

Here are photos of their happy and proud faces from Pet Lovers for Obama:

  • Drunk with Happiness 1 of 15
    Drunk with Happiness
    And I also sneaked some election party snacks, too.
    Image: Facebook
  • Two Timers 2 of 15
    Two Timers
    We are doubly fired up after last night's results.
    Image: Facebook
  • Late Speech 3 of 15
    Late Speech
    I really, really wanted to watch but I needed a catnap.
    Image: Facebook
  • Steadfast and True 4 of 15
    Steadfast and True
    I will remain here until all the electoral votes come in!
    Image: Facebook
  • Smart Kitty 5 of 15
    Smart Kitty
    I know what this election meant for females everywhere, furry or not.
    Image: Facebook
  • Our grins…. 6 of 15
    Our grins....
    just will not go away.
    Image: Facebook
  • Four More Years…. 7 of 15
    Four More Years....
    of Michelle's fashion sense... purrfect!
    Image: Facebook
  • Not A Gameplayer 8 of 15
    Not A Gameplayer
    Of course, he won...
    Image: Facebook
  • Cool Pup 9 of 15
    Cool Pup
    needs a cool Prez... and I just got what I wanted, again!
    Image: Facebook
  • Bo Lookalikes 10 of 15
    Bo Lookalikes
    Bo is dreamy ya know.. and his owner ain't too bad either.
    Image: Facebook
  • Basking in the glory 11 of 15
    Basking in the glory
    We knew it all along.
    Image: Facebook
  • Dressed for The Occasion 12 of 15
    Dressed for The Occasion
    Yesterday was a special day and deserved a special outfit.
    Image: Facebook
  • Shh… 13 of 15
    Rewatching that speech!
    Image: Facebook
  • So tired…. 14 of 15
    So tired....
    but the partying was so worth it!
    Image: Facebook
  • Slap Happy Huskies 15 of 15
    Slap Happy Huskies
    Smiling for BAM!
    Image: Facebook


Image: Facebook


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