16 Best Cat GIFs on the Internet


There isn’t much more that I like in this world than cats. I love nearly everything about them (expect the kitty litter and smell of cat food), and it’s just so easy for me to find the good in them.

Over the past few months, I have lost both Puff and Ming-Ming — the two cats I have had with me for over half my life. I am thankful that we now have our newly adopted cat, Ariel, but the house is still quiet without the older two around.

When I get into a “I miss my cats so much” funk, which happens often right now, I look to the Internet to give me some cheering up. The Internet is good for that, because I am certain it loves cats just as much as I do, if not more.

I’ve been surfing the Internet a lot lately since the passing of Ming-Ming late last week, and I found myself searching and laughing and loving on the many cat GIFs the Internet holds. They’re funnier than photos, don’t take as much time as a video, and they can provide endless entertainment. Check out these 16 amazing cat GIFs to brighten your day:

  • The Best GIFs 1 of 17
    The Best GIFs
    I love animal GIFs, and I've got some of my favorites here for you!
  • Hmm, That Didn’t Work 2 of 17
    Hmm, That Didn't Work
    One went under, the other went over and they collided.
    GIF spotted on ICHC Network.
  • Oui 3 of 17
    The most adorable and agreeable French cat ever.
    GIF spotted on Imgur Gallery.
  • Trippy! 4 of 17
    Someone went a little crazy with the catnip.
    GIF spotted on ICHC Network.
  • Playtime 5 of 17
    I don't think the other one is really playing, do you?
    GIF spotted on ICHC Network.
  • Cat Loves Bunny 6 of 17
    Cat Loves Bunny
    Isn't this just the cutest thing you've ever seen? BFFs!
    GIF spotted on Imgur Gallery.
  • Who Would Win? 7 of 17
    Who Would Win?
    You know, I would put my money on the cat. No doubt.
    GIF spotted on ICHC Network.
  • Cat Tank 8 of 17
    Cat Tank
    Whoa! Watch out for the secret weapon.
    GIF spotted on ICHC Network.
  • Just Wait 9 of 17
    Just Wait
    It's worth the wait -- it's not what you expect.
    GIF spotted on ICHC Network.
  • Skateboard Cat 10 of 17
    Skateboard Cat
    Meanwhile, other cats are using their legs like suckers. This cat knows how to get around.
    GIF spotted on ICHC Network.
  • Bunch Of Kitties 11 of 17
    Bunch Of Kitties
    I don't know the purpose, and I don't care about the purpose. But it sure is funny!
    GIF spotted on Imgur Gallery.
  • Meow 12 of 17
    Yes, I will give you whatever you want, you cute and adorable cat.
    GIF spotted on ICHC Network.
  • Nope. Just Nope 13 of 17
    Nope. Just Nope
    This is his throne and he doesn't want that ball on there, so the ball doesn't stay.
    GIF spotted on ICHC Network.
  • Wine Kitty 14 of 17
    Wine Kitty
    The two best things for when you hare having a crappy day: grumpy cat and a glass of wine.
    GIF spotted on ICHC Network.
  • Help? 15 of 17
    You know cat, you don't fit man.
    GIF spotted on Imgur Gallery.
  • Dishwasher Toy 16 of 17
    Dishwasher Toy
    He's found something to entertain himself with and to keep you from having to do the chores. Bonus.
    GIF spotted on Imgur Gallery.
  • Kitten Club 17 of 17
    Kitten Club
    This group of tiny kittens is just too adorable for words.
    GIF spotted on Imgur Gallery.

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