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18 Totally Bizarre Pet Products

There are a lot of odd products out there, and a few stores specialize in them. So, it turned out that finding bizarre pet products was not very difficult. What surprised me though was just how odd a few of them turned out to be.

I admit that I would like to have a few of these myself, especially the kit so your pet can paint. And I wouldn’t mind a dedicated treadmill for my corgis or letting them have their own shower stall, if it wasn’t so darn expensive. But I can’t imagine putting a unicorn horn on a cat or giving my dogs big rubber lips.

Browse through the collection below to see the items I just mentioned and more. Here are 18 rather odd pet products.

  • Bizarro Pets 1 of 19

    Unicorns, lips, and rear gear. See the most bizarre pet products here!

  • Mythical Cat 2 of 19

    This inflatable unicorn hat for cats  is so bizarre that I don't even know what to say about it! However, I do note that the box says "cats love it." Really? Yep, this cat sure does look overjoyed. 


    $6.34 at Amazon.com

  • Rear Gear 3 of 19

    I have so many questions about Rear Gear, decoration for your pet's rear end, beyond the simple "why?" I wonder how you keep these clean given the location? And shouldn't that number 1 say number 2? At least it is impossible for my corgis with no tails to ever sport any of these.


    $6.00 at RearGear.com


  • Poop Freeze 4 of 19

    This one is just plain weird. Spray this product on your dog's poop to instantly freeze it for easy disposal. Oh, and it won't harm vegetation, that is a plus! Never mind what the poop might have done to it. 


    $11.99 at Amazon.com

  • Pet Lips 5 of 19

    Remember those wax lips you could get as a kid? I guess this is sort of the same version of that for dogs. The Moody Pet Humunga Lips are big rubber lips for your dog to chew on or wear as a fashion statement.


    $12.95 at Wag.com

  • Bowser Beer 6 of 19

    The good thing about this beer for dogs is that it doesn't really have beer or any form of alcohol in it. Of course, many dogs, such as my corgi Eve, often try to sneak tastes of beer, so they would likely disagree on that being a good thing. This is basically broth and malt barley that has not been fermented. I got some of this years ago for my dogs, and if I recall correctly, they were rather underwhelmed with it. Regardless, it is kind of amusing.


    $19.99 at BowserBeer.com

  • Pet Wheels 7 of 19

    Coming soon, you can exercise your cat in a $529 pet wheel. Yes, I really did just say $529. Actually it is $529.99. I think I would rather pay a good game of chase the string instead. That is a lot of money to pay for something the cat might never really use. After all, we all know how cats always use those expensive toys that we get for them. 


    Coming soon $529.99 at PetWheels.com

  • Bacon Bubbles 8 of 19

    I recently tried out some peach flavored bubbles with my dogs. They weren't very interested. Perhaps bacon flavor would have gotten their attention better? With the Bubbletastic, you can pump out loads of bacon flavored bubbles for your pets.


    $19.95 at Amazon.com

  • Pampered Pet 9 of 19

    Here is the ultimate in pet pampering. With the Dogbrella, you can keep your companion dry on those rainy day walks. Just don't forget your own umbrella!


    $29.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer 

  • Racing Rodents 10 of 19

    Remember when it was fun to make mazes for hamsters and mice? I guess that wasn't simple enough. Now you need your own premade Hamster Drag Strip. 


    $34.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer

  • Puppy Tweets 11 of 19

    Put the Puppy Tweets device on your dog and whenever he moves or barks, a tweet will be sent. You can then monitor your pet's tweets while you are away. Because Twitter doesn't have enough silly spam already right?   


    $19.99 at Amazon.com


  • Fake Jellyfish 12 of 19

    I have seen fake fish tanks, and those are weird enough. Here is a fake jelly fish tank. The fake jellies even glow in multiple unnatural colors for you.


     $79.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer

  • Scooter Mushing 13 of 19

    With a dog powered scooter, you can hook up one or several dogs to power your ride. You can get kits to add harnesses to your own items or buy a full system. I suppose it is good exercise for the dogs. But I'm not so sure it is good exercise for yourself. 


    Prices range from $200-700 at Dog Powered Scooter

  • The Price of Being Pretty 14 of 19

    I thought this looked kind of neat until I saw the price. Give your dog his own shower stall. A really expensive shower stall. Maybe more than your own shower stall costs.


    $1,250 at Hammacher Schlemmer

  • Dog Mill 15 of 19

    Walking your dog is good. Heck even putting your dog on a treadmill is not unheard of. But buying a $540 treadmill just for your pet? That is a bit extreme.


    $540.95 at Amazon.com 

  • Pet Paint 16 of 19

    Here is an easy to use spray paint for your pet if you are so inclined. The website shows various theme uses for holidays and Halloween. Or simply paint your pet for the heck of it!


    $9.99 at PetPaint.com 

  • Doggles 17 of 19

    I can actually envision these sunglasses for dogs being useful. For example, if you take your dog boating or around water on sunny days, they do provide eye protection. But I suspect most people get these simply to make their pet look silly. 


    $19.86 at Amazon.com

  • Paw Art 18 of 19

    I actually want one of these! With the Pupcasso art kit, your dog can paint! I would love to have my dogs Ty and Eve create corgi masterpeices, but my husband keeps vetoing the idea.


    $15.50 at Amazon.com

  • Bad Guys 19 of 19

    The Bad Guys collection of dog chew toys allows your pooch to mangle various terrorists and unpopular world leaders, some of whom have already manged to get mangled in real life. So, if you want to watch your dog beat up Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein, here is your chance.


    $19.50 at Fun Stuff For Dogs

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