2 Day-Old Baby Goats Playing on A See-Saw [Video]


Day-Old Baby Goats Playing on A See-SawWhen I think of a newborn baby, only 1 day old there really isn’t much they can do. I mean they have the whole ‘scream for your attention’ thing down and that’s kind of it. They are still learning to nurse effectively, they don’t know they have hands yet and they can’t even hold up their heads.

When you compare human newborns to goat newborns, the difference is pretty wild. In an adorable video, two goats are playing on a see-saw and nudging each other — generally having a cute time. If I were to guess their age compared to humans, I would guess they would be nearing the toddler stage.

Well, boy was I shocked when, after I watched this cute video, I read that they were only one-day old. ONE DAY OLD and already acting like fearless toddlers. These little guys are adorable and it will brighten your day to have a look!

Click through to watch the adorable video of 2 day-old goats on a see-saw

Photo credit:  image modified from screen shot  / YouTube 


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