25 Adorable Hedgehog Memes that Will Make You Go Eeeeeee!


You may not know this about me but I love hedgehogs. I would really like to have one as a pet but I can’t because laws are stupid. Where I live in Northern Virginia, they are considered a prohibited class of exotic pet.

So instead, my family buys me hedgehog themed gifts and the nice editors here at Babble allow me to post about them. I did a really fun post last year about hedgehog facts and I got to interview a breeder who let her kids name the baby hoglets (which is how she ended up with one named Kanye).

In addition to loving hedgehogs, I also love memes. I was delighted to find out there are tons of different hedgehog memes and so of course, I had to create a slideshow so we could enjoy them all in their adorable splendor. 

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