25 of the Funniest Cat Memes Ever


I love cats and I love memes. So yes, I am one of those people who love cat memes. I’m not even ashamed of that. And guess what? I don’t have to be anymore because there have been a couple of articles recently on how cat memes have significant cultural meaning and maybe even make us smarter. Someone even wrote a dissertation on LOL cats and then presented on it.

I need to go back to grad school right away.

I think this is all fantastic because I like cat memes due to the fact that they combine cuteness, the ability to waste copious amounts of time on the internet and things that are funny. Pretty much win/win/win.

And the best part? Now that we know that somebody actually got a PhD because of “I Can Has Cheeseburger”  – we can call our time here something awesome: RESEARCH. I’ve done mine and here are the finniest cat memes on the interwebz.

  • Meet Bad Advice Cat 1 of 25
    Meet Bad Advice Cat
    You should not listen to him.
  • Bad Advice Cat 2 of 25
    Bad Advice Cat
    Understands Comic Sans. He understands that it's horrible.
  • Got to get down on Friday. 3 of 25
    Got to get down on Friday.
    I listened to Bad Advice Cat and that was a mistake.
  • Oh Jack… 4 of 25
    Oh Jack...
    Where is the Heart of the Ocean?
  • Meet Business Cat 5 of 25
    Meet Business Cat
    He's all business. And also all cat.
  • You don’t forget… 6 of 25
    You don't forget...
    A Business Cat bonus.
  • Business Cat needs a go-fer 7 of 25
    Business Cat needs a go-fer
    To get the wadded up paper out from under the couch.
  • He’s not sleeping, 8 of 25
    He's not sleeping,
    He's evaluating your work through osmosis.
  • He works hard, 9 of 25
    He works hard,
    And he expects you to do the same. Now go get that red dot.
  • This is First World Problems Cat 10 of 25
    This is First World Problems Cat
    Poor thing...
  • You know what? 11 of 25
    You know what?
    Always got for the pants.
  • It’s a first world problem 12 of 25
    It's a first world problem
    When you can't the right kind of snuggles.
  • Meet Lenin Cat 13 of 25
    Meet Lenin Cat
    He's a communist.
  • Lenin Cat understands 14 of 25
    Lenin Cat understands
    the ruling class. And the unfair power wielded by can openers.
  • Here it comes… Wait for it… 15 of 25
    Here it comes... Wait for it...
    The meow joke.
  • This is Morpheus Cat 16 of 25
    This is Morpheus Cat
    He knows the truth.
  • NO! NOOOOO!!! 17 of 25
    NO! NOOOOO!!!
    The dot doesn't really exist?!
  • Wait. What? 18 of 25
    Wait. What?
    You can sleep there anytime? Whoa.
  • This is the Most Interesting Cat in the World 19 of 25
    This is the Most Interesting Cat in the World
    And he will shed on you.
  • You know that’s right. 20 of 25
    You know that's right.
    He will step right there.
  • Meet Science Cat 21 of 25
    Meet Science Cat
    He is not Schrodinger's cat. Or is he? Isn't he...
  • It’s funny. 22 of 25
    It's funny.
    At least periodically.
  • It’s elemental. 23 of 25
    It's elemental.
    And still funny.
  • It’s true. 24 of 25
    It's true.
    You can skip Kahn Academy, this is all you need to know.
  • Hydrogen? Oxygen? Hydrogen? 25 of 25
    Hydrogen? Oxygen? Hydrogen?
    Or are you calling me Carbon?

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