3 Excited Pugs Try to Understand English & We Die of Cute [Video]


Adorable Pugs Video via Babble.comIf I am honest, which I always try to be, it’s rare that you will hear me “ooh” and “aw” over dogs — even puppies. I am a hard-core ‘cat lady’ and dogs just don’t seem to have nearly the same cute factor. You could put a kitten in front of me doing nothing at all & I will get all ooey and gooey over it, but a dog has to do something way off-the-charts for me to really even care.

It happens though — very rarely but it has happened with this video of three puppy pugs. Their owner is being cruel to them for our own adorable benefits as he speaks to them and they very obviously are interested in what he’s saying. I think they can pick out some key words of interest to them like “cookie”, “get the mail”, and “are you ready to go?” Also, their tails.

Just go watch — cause even if you don’t care for dogs this should put a smile on your face:

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Photo credit: screenshot from YouTube video

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