4 Ways to Make Your Indoor Cat's Life Happier


5 Ways to Make Your Indoor Cat's Life Happier Indoor or outdoor, that is the question.

I have two cats and both have been considered “indoor cats” for their entire life. This means they rarely, if ever, go outside. That may not sound all that wonderful to us humans, I know that I could go crazy without access to the outside world… but the world is a different place for cats.

According to Cat-World, the pros of keeping cats indoors far outweighs the cons and I totally agree. There is less chance of your pet being killed or injured from traffic. Less chance they can contract infectious diseases and well, it’s hard to get lost if you’re exploring the same house, not the whole outside.

While I have (and many others) have opted to keep our furry loves inside, there are some things you should take into consideration — one being their happiness. There are some easy ways you can ensure your indoor cat is just as happy as could be while keeping them safe in your home.

Click through to read 4 ways you can help your indoor cat have a happier life:

1) Your cat will want toys and entertainment: Be sure to have a variety of toys around the house for your cat to play with. Though it may seem like it, they don’t want to just lay around all day — so get creative and make it fun. According to The Humane Society of the United States, simple things like crumpled paper and a ball point pen on the floor can be enough to be fun for your furry friend.

2) Get another cat: Cats like to be around other cats and it can do a world of good for your indoor cat to have a buddy. According to PetPlace, cats are very social and as long as you introduce the cat in the correct way (slowly or adopt at the same time) it’s something to really consider.

3) Make sure he has the ability for fun exercise: Cats love to jump and climb and chase things around and that doesn’t go away with a cat being fully indoor. It’s important for their emotional health and their physical health and may not be as hard to convince them to do as you think. Everyday Health offers some great tips and easy ways to get your cat to exercise including using treats, catnip and cat towers.

4) Give him a place to see the world: Cats are very curious and love to look at the outside. Even if they are 100% indoors, be sure to give them access to an open breeze and a place to view the outside. They like to look at cars going by, birds and any other animals they can peek at. According to an article on NBC News that reported a study of what cats do all day,  22 percent of the cats’ time was spent looking out of windows.

Photo credit:  Mr. T in DC / Flickr


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