7 Animals That Make For Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes


7 Animals That Make For Quick and Easy Halloween CostumesHappy Halloween fellow Pet Lovers!

If you’re excited about this evening I am sure you’ve had your costume picked out for weeks. Carefully choosing to match someone else, out-do your best friend or go for a super scare factor — choosing our costumes can be a huge amount of fun during this time of year.

However, if you’re anything like me you are sitting at home on Halloween day and realizing that you have to go out trick or treating and you do not have a costume yet. Yep, that’s me and I find pretty silly about it, but I’m going to put my thinking cap on and figures something out.

Thankfully I have our animals to give me some great fodder for a super, quick but still awesome Halloween costume.

Click through for 7 animals that make great last-minute costumes and how to make them yourself:

  • Mouse 1 of 7
    They are adorable, they can be scary to some people and using some ears, painted on whiskers you've got a great costume.
    Get the tutorial from
    Photo credit: Photostock
  • Bunny 2 of 7
    Who doesn't love the bunny rabbit? They are easy to spot with their cute ears and make an adorable costume for kid or adult.
    Get the tutorial from Martha Stewart Crafts
    Photo credit: Photostock
  • Cat 3 of 7
    It's a signature costume for Halloween especially if you're out to be a black cat. Ears and whiskers and you can make it scary, cute or sexy.
    Get the tutorial from Foy Update
    Photo credit: Photostock
  • Dog 4 of 7
    Paying tribute to a human's best friend is a good costume for Halloween. Quick and easy and you can customize it to your favorite breed.
    Get the tutorial from EHow
    Photo credit: Photostock
  • Shark 5 of 7
    They're powerful, scary and make the perfect fodder fora great Halloween costume.
    Get the tutorial from EHow
    Photo credit: Photostock
  • Pig 6 of 7
    I love pigs -- from their adorable noses to their curly tails it's simple to pretend you're one of these smart animals for the night.
    Get the tutorial from EbonyShae/Etsy, $4
    Photo credit: Photostock
  • Bear 7 of 7
    If you're going for scary or cuddly, cute and warm -- a bear makes a great Halloween costume (especially for the colder areas!)
    Get the tutorial from EbonyShae/Etsy, $4
    Photo credit: Photostock

Photo credit: adapted from photostock


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