8 Cats Acting Out Common Emoticons


Cats as EmoticonsI have been on the internet since the year it came out and most of us had no idea what we were doing.

Since growing up with the internet, I am well versed in certain things like chat rooms, message boards and of course with those comes the beloved ’emoticons’. Icons that show what emotion we’re feeling — from happy to sad to flat out angry. These emoticons have been around since the dawn of the Internet (maybe before? I have no idea) and they have stayed relatively the same through out.

There are two things that make the internet (and thus the world) go round and that is emoticons and kittens. Now, the internet may explode when you combine the two, but I am willing to take that risk… because why not?

Click through to see 8 cats pretending to be 8 common emoticons:

  • :: Sad :: 1 of 8
    :: Sad ::
    If you're feeling sad the common emoticon is " :( "
    Photo hosted on Imgur. Used with permission
  • :: Razz :: 2 of 8
    :: Razz ::
    The raspberry, when you're feeling cheeky. You may recognize it as " :P "
    Photo hosted on Imgur. Used with permission
  • :: Grin :: 3 of 8
    :: Grin ::
    Bigger than just a smile -- the grin is totally happy " :D "
    Photo hosted on Imgur. Used with permission
  • :: Cool :: 4 of 8
    :: Cool ::
    Nothing will get you farther ahead than if you're too cool for school. " 8) "
    Photo hosted on Alishav on Flickr
  • :: Anger :: 5 of 8
    :: Anger ::
    It happens to the best of us, the anger sharks start swimming in our heads. It's all in the eyebrows " >:( "
    Photo hosted on Imgur. Used with permission
  • :: Neutral :: 6 of 8
    :: Neutral ::
    Someone tells a funny joke, but it wasn't funny to you, this is the appropriate response " |-) "
    Photo hosted on Imgur. Used with permission
  • :: Smile :: 7 of 8
    :: Smile ::
    One of the most common and most used emoticons, you can't go wrong with it " : ) "
    Photo hosted on Imgur. Used with permission
  • :: Shock :: 8 of 8
    :: Shock ::
    Whoah, did something catch you off guard? Us too " 8-O "
    Photo hosted on Imgur. Used with permission

Photo credit: image hosted on Imgur. Used with their permission.


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