9 Dogs Dressed Up As Their Favorite Celebrities


9 Dogs Dressed Up As Their Favorite CelebrityCelebrities inspire everyone!

I am a fan of pointless tv and like to un-wind once in a while to great pop music or by watching the latest pointless reality show. I don’t take either to seriously, but there are some people who really love their celebs.

People aren’t the only ones who have favorites in the celebrity world though — dogs have some choice pics and take it one step further.

There are some pretty fun costumes out there for dogs and when it comes to our dogs favorite celebrities, they are all set!

Click through to see 9 dogs dressed up as their favorite celebrity:

  • Marilyn Monroe 1 of 9
    Marilyn Monroe
    She is a classic star and will always be admired -- even from dogs.
    Go buy one from Halloween, $24.99
  • Snooki 2 of 9
    If your dog is a fan of the reality tv shows, can't go wrong with Snooki.
    Go buy one from Dog Halloween Costume Shop, $39.99
  • Pauly-D 3 of 9
    What's not to love about Pauly-D? Well, I can think of a few, but this dog is a fan.
    Go buy one from Dog Halloween Costume Shop, $43.99
  • Katy Perry 4 of 9
    Katy Perry
    She's a California girl for sure.
    Go buy one from Dog Halloween Costume Shop, $43.99
  • Michael Jackson 5 of 9
    Michael Jackson
    He is totally thrilled to be sporting his favorite costume.
    Go buy one from Dog Halloween Costume Shop, $43.99
  • Madonna 6 of 9
    She's living in a material world and Madonna is her lady.
    Go buy one from Dog Halloween Costume Shop, $43.99
  • Natalie Portman 7 of 9
    Natalie Portman
    If your pup has an eye for fashion, she's sure to want to sport this beauty -- and Natalie is a huge star!
    Go buy one from KOCouture / Etsy, $650.00
  • Lady Gaga 8 of 9
    Lady Gaga
    Some dogs appreciate the out-of-the-ordinary and well, hair bow inspired by Lady Gaga = perfect.
    Go buy one from lenapavia / Etsy, $12.99
  • Einstein 9 of 9
    Some dogs don't care for the reality stars or the pop stars but in fact love the brains.
    Go buy one from NakedDogPJs / Etsy, $18

Photo credit: Dog Halloween Costume Shop, $43.99


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