9 Winter Products To Keep Those Puppies Warm


Winter can be hard on your dog. All the salt on the roads and sidewalks is irritating to the paws, as is the ice and cold in general for that matter. Short hair breeds often get chilled in lower temperatures. Even indoors, your canine friend is probably seeking out the warmest spot in the house for a rest.

There are a few things you can do to help keep your pet more comfortable when the snow starts flying. You can cover your dog’s paws, use a pet-safe ice melting product, and take other precautions to keep them nice and warm.

Here are 9 products to help you with all of these goals!

  • Keeping Your Pup Safe and Warm 1 of 10

    Keep your canine healthy, happy, and warm this winter. These 9 products are great for the snowy times ahead.

  • Keep The Ground Safe For Your Pets! 2 of 10

    The traditional salt that's used to melt ice can irritate your pet's paws and skin. Safe Paw ice melter is non-toxic and safe for your pet's feet. It is child-safe as well. Consumer reviews of the product are particularly good.


    It cost $19.39 for 8 pounds at Amazon.com

  • Fleece For Your Furry Friends 3 of 10

    Fleece is wonderful because it is a warm, light fabric that holds in body temperature quite well. These fleece hoodies for dogs come in multiple sizes. As a bonus they are totally adorable!  


    Purchase for $15.29 at Amazon.com

  • Paw Protection Is A Must! 4 of 10

    Musher's Secret is an all natural moisturizing wax-based cream that can be applied to your dog's feet to protect them from hot and cold surfaces, as well as rough surfaces like sand, salt, and ice. The cream also contains vitamin E to soothe irritated feet. It is an awesome way to easily keep your pets comfortable in winter.


    Purchase for $13.45 at Amazon.com

  • Don’t Forget Your Booties Cause It’s Cold Out There 5 of 10

    These winter proof boots are great for dogs with feet that are sensitive to the cold or who will have to be in snow for any length of time. The boots also protect against irritation from salt when out on walks. 


    Purchase for $18 at Amazon.com   

  • It Works Just Like A Hot Water Bottle 6 of 10

    The Playa Pup Warmer heated pad is pressure activated. It will turn on and off based on whether your dog is lying on it. The pad is durable and also comes with a chew resistant cord. It is available in multiple sizes.


    Purchase for $34.34 at Amazon.com

  • Trendy Styles For Your Fashionable Pooch! 7 of 10

    This red tartan fleece vest is both warm and stylish. This item will provide warmth over your dog's core, but also allows for maximum flexibility and movement since it does not have leg pieces. It is great for both indoor and outdoor warmth.


    Purchase for $24.62 at Amazon.com

  • If They Still Need A Little Fresh Air 8 of 10

    If you have a chilly area that your dog spends time in, this heavy duty heated mat is rated for use outdoors. It is perfect for dog houses or chilly back porches.


    Purchase for $54.99 at Amazon.com

  • Keep Cozy On Those Road Trips… 9 of 10

    This item is not pet specific. Instead, it is a general heated blanket for your car. If you travel with your pet on cold days you can help keep your friend warm during the ride. This is also a good emergency item to have in your vehicle. Don't use this with pets that tend to chew on their bedding though!


    Purchase for $36.50 at Amazon.com


  • Keep Those Pups Bundled Up! 10 of 10

    For extended time in the snow, your dog might appreciate something heavy duty. This winter snow coat fits the bill. One note, however, consumers report that it runs small, so keep that in mind if you order one.


    Purchase for $17.99 at Amazon.com

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