A Salsa Dancing Chihuahua Will Make Your Day [Video]


A Salsa Dancing Chihuahua Will Make Your Day [Video]Just when I thought I had seen it all, this video pops up and totally makes my day.

Let me be honest with you friends — I have no rhythm at all. I couldn’t dance to a beat if my life depended on it and anything more advanced than the simple middle-school style slow dance, I just look crazy. I’ve accepted my lack of skill in this area and was totally okay with it… until now.

Meet Sloopy, an adorable chihuahua that simultaneously made my day and made me feel worse about my lack of dancing talent. You see, this dog packs an amazing talent in his little body — he has moves like Jagger as you may say.

According to  who uploaded the video to YouTube, Sloopy was eager to get a plate of Thanksgiving turkey off the kitchen counter and tried to dance his way to the food.

Click through to watch this mega-talented chihuahua dance his little tail off:

Photo credit: screenshot modified from  /YouTube

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