Adorable and Hungry Puppy Flips for Breakfast (Video)


Adorable and Hungry Puppy Flips for Breakfast (Video)There are days where it can really take a lot to get me to smile. It’s usually the days where I have had little-to-no sleep thanks to one or more of the kids waking me up. I am probably out of coffee and need to go to the grocery store for food.

Those days happen and when they do, I like to look to the internet to change my mood around because there’s always something that should make me smile.

Today, I found the perfect thing and it’s a video with a dog ( and not a cat, surprisingly). Well, more accurately it’s a tiny puppy and this little one is just so crazy happy to be eating his breakfast, it’s impossible not to smile while watching him eat.

Click through to watch this adorable tiny puppy flip over his breakfast:

Photo credit: adapted from screenshot 2xfantasychamp /YouTube

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