Adorable Baby Animals So Tiny They Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand


TINYANIMALSBracing for the work week can be a bummer. I mean…not for me, because I am ever the optimist (cough cough) but y’know, I could see how the start of the grind, or maybe the first week your kids are home for summer vacation…I mean, I could see how those various things could get you down from time to time.

So every now and then I like to give you a little visual pick-me-up in the form of total and utter adorability… baby animals so tiny they fit in the palm of a human hand. Prepare yourselves.

  • Just, Awful. 1 of 8

    I hate puppies. They're the worst.

    [image via iStockPhoto]

  • I Can’t Even 2 of 8

    The cuteness is physically painful to bear.

    [image via iStockPhoto]

  • Crabby Feet 3 of 8

    Maybe it's the un-cuddliness of the rubber glove (or their weird smell), but this adorable baby penguin doesn't look that happy.

    [image via iStockPhoto]

  • Swoon 4 of 8

    I'm suddenly overwhelmed with the need to squeee.

    [image via iStockPhoto]

  • And You Thought Your House Was Small 5 of 8

    It just makes me giggle.

    [image via iStockPhoto]

  • How Tiny Is That Bottle? 6 of 8

    Baby ring tailed lemurs are so cute it's illegal in most states.

    [image via iStockPhoto]

  • The Eyes Have It 7 of 8

    It's almost like he won't grow up to be a ferocious gator.

    [image via iStockPhoto]

  • That’s A Squirrel 8 of 8

    I know, right?


    [image via iStockPhoto]

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