Adorable Kitten Imitates His Favorite Sheep Toy [Video]


kittenMy kitten Gmork has a favorite toy and it’s not something I had expected him, or any other cat to really enjoy. It’s a tube of cotton pads (like this one on Google Images) and it’s not unusual to see him walking around carrying it in his mouth. I’d say it’s gotten to the point where it’s more unusual to not see him with his favorite toy.

Kittens love toys and, as this video uploaded to YouTube by user CookyTheCat shows, sometimes their favorite toy is a weird one. In this video, we meet a cute cat who has a very affectionately fallen in love with his sheep-imitation toy. He seems to love it so much that he not only runs to it with excitement when he hears it and purrs, he’s figured out how to make a very similar sound to the toy.

Click on the play button of the video below and you’re sure to bring a smile to your face by the end of the quick clip.

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Photo credit: screenshot CookyTheCat on YouTube
Source: YouTube; standard license

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