Adorable Meerkat Just Cannot Stay Awake (Video)


imagesUgh, it’s Monday. And not only is it the start of a new work and school week, but for many of us, it’s the first day back after winter break. The word tired doesn’t not even begin to describe the feeling I had when the 6am alarm went off this morning. I barely feel human, and I’m only half joking.

However, tiredness is in no way reserved for just us humans. If you’ve ever had a puppy or a kitten, you know how they are like little energizer batteries, running around one minute and dead asleep the next. But as we all grow, many of us fight sleep, including the adorable meerkat in this video.

It’s not surprising that various versions of this video have hit the internet and gone viral because watching this sleepy little meerkat try his best to avoid nodding off is hysterical. It’s something every one of us has witnessed on a crowded train and done ourselves from time to time.

Watch it here:

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