Adorbs: Baby Goats Tackle Woman, Form Fluffy-Soft Love Pile


baby-goatsIf goats were ever looking to revamp their image as trash-eating animals with the creepily uncanny ability to scream like humans and head in a more cute-n-cuddly direction, here’s the video that could help them do it, guaranteed.

While playing with some baby goats at a farm in Connecticut, a woman got caught in what can only be described as an epic baby goat cuddle puddle. After holding one baby goat up by its front legs to “dance” and getting (adorably) face-nuzzled, a brigade of the goat’s fluffy comrades took notice and decided to get in on the action, toppling the woman and climbing on top of her as she giggled “they’re very soft!”

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Of course they tried to eat her hair though. OF COURSE THEY DID. Because, you know, GOATS. But based on that video, I’m guessing that losing a few stray hairs was well worth it.

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