Alligator vs House Cat: More Proof Cats are Insane


There are days where I look at my cats and think, “they are so sweet and so cute.” They have a sweet and innocent look about them even when they are full-grown and grumpy.

Then I come across a video like this one and start to wonder if I have been underestimating cats this whole time. Perhaps the animal kingdom knows more about the cat than I do, perhaps they are not quite as innocent and sweet as they seem.

This video is proof that cats may not only be braver than we think, but incredibly insane too. One cat, stares down an alligator — who could totally kick the cats butt, but for some reason he is too scared… of the cat.

Click through to view the video of the insanely brave cat who stared-off an alligator:

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Photo credit: screen shot modified via YouTube

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