Amazing Dog Escapes Home To Visit Owner In Hospital (Video)

Zander's owner was touched by the dog's devotion.


This is one of those stories that reminds you how close pets and their owners can be.  When John Dolan had to be hospitalized, his dog, Zander was distraught.  Dolan’s wife said she felt the dog was so depressed he seemed to be crying.  What happened next is incredible.  Zander escaped his home and walked over two miles to the hospital where Dolan was a patient!  Considering Zander had never been to this hospital (and he didn’t have a GPS), that’s pretty amazing!

Another inspiring part of this story is that Zander, who is 7, was rescued by the Dolans 5 years ago and nursed back to health from starvation.  The Dolans feel this shows how awesome a shelter dog can be.

Watch below as John Dolan and his wife recount the incident and see the beautiful dog that Dolan thinks of as his child.


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