Amazing Video Captures School of Hundreds of Jumping Fish

Amazing Video Captures School of Hundreds of Jumping Fish via Babble
Hundreds of jumping mullets jumped directly at this photographer.

The ocean is a wild and natural phenomena, and seeing the creatures that live in it is one of the many joys of exploring nature. One such incredible ocean moments is catching a glimpse of its inhabitants. Witnessing jumping fish is a sight to behold.

You may have heard about jumping mullet fish but seeing them up close leaping high into the air is a whole other experience.

Veteran surfer Ben Sproul, who has over 25 years of ocean experience was lucky enough to have his camera positioned on a shallow sandbar at Ocean Bay Beach Access in Kill Devil Hills, NC when a school of jumping mullets decided to do what they do best—jump!

He was just 75 yards offshore when he witnessed the captivating scene.:

This huge school of Jumping Mullet raced by me, jumping two feet out of the water! I have never seen so many fish jump in such a large group! At the end, I check the camera and the fish start jumping right into me! It was amazing!

Sproul loaded the amazing video to YouTube and as you can imagine, it has already gone viral.

Check it out here:

Image: YouTube


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