Babble (and Babble Pets) Is On Instagram!

My dog, Instagram Star

Pets and Instagram are, frankly, a match made in heaven. Bloggers and Instagram are also a match made in heaven. So, naturally, that means that Babble and Instagram are ALSO a match made in heaven.

And that right there is why Babble is now officially on Instagram. You can follow us at @BabbleEditors. Instagram, if you’ve been living under a social media rock, is the phone application available on the iPhone and Android platforms that has more than thirty million users and was recently purchased by Facebook for a billion dollars. Yes, a billion.

Recently I went swimming with my iPhone, and while I miss everything about my phone the absolute number one thing I find myself missing the most is Instagram.

Oh my GOD. I miss it so much. I keep finding myself in an Instagramable moment and lo! There’s no iPhone to use. A good friend was kind enough to loan me her “extra” phone but it’s a Windows Phone which is actually really quite sleek and remarkable, honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised but there is not yet a Windows app available from Instagram.

I think it’s possible, though, that my dog is happy that she’s being spared the constant snapshots. But isn’t she just the cutest?

Whatcha doing, Mom?


I wov you.
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