Babies Uncontrollably Laughing At Dogs (VIDEO MONTAGE)

Babies Uncontrollably Laughing At Dogs (VIDEO MONTAGE) via Babble
Looks like dog lovers are born that way!

Remember when you found that one single thing that cracked up your baby? And then you kept doing it over and over again just to hear that wonderful laugh?

Well, for many babies, the cause of breaking into hysterical laughter is simple: dogs! We all know the many ways that having a pet and a dog in particular can enhance a child’s life. From unconditional love to always having a best friend for life, dogs bring pure joy to children, but what about babies?

If you judge by this video montage, it seems that these babies innately adore dogs.

And there isn’t a much sweeter combination than babies and dogs (except possibly babies and puppies!).

Check out these adorable videos of babies losing it over the antics of the family pooch:


Image: YouTube


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