Baboon Adopts Baby Kitten (Video)

Baboon Adopts Baby Kitten (Video)
Mama and ‘baby’

A mama baboon at a zoo in Israel has adopted a baby of her own. It doesn’t matter that the baby is not a baboon because as we all know animals (both the human and non-human variety) demonstrate time and time again, that nothing is stronger than a mother’s love.

So when a small kitten ventured her way into a baboon’s cage at a petting zoo, little did she know she would find a new mother.

The baboon has taken the kitten in as one of her own. The video below shows the baboon stroking the kitten and picking her up many times to keep her close by. The baboon even inspects the kitty for fleas just as she would do with a baby baboon.

The most touching part of the video? It’s a toss-up between when the baboon holds up the kitty to her fellow bunkmate the same way a new mother do through a neonatal glass window or when the kitty peacefully falls asleep in the baboon’s arms.

Watch the video here:


Image: YouTube

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