Baby Sloths Take A Bath and I Die from Cuteness!


Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 10.14.35 PMBaby sloths getting baths, slowly drying into fluffballs, then eating flowers until they fall asleep? YES, THIS IS REAL AND IT’S SO FREAKING CUTE.

This clip is from one of my family’s very favorite shows “Too Cute” on Animal Planet. If you haven’t curled up with your kiddos and watched this show, do it right now. It makes everyone happy and puts us all in snuggly, happy moods.

They have episodes on fluffy kittens, you guys. Whole episodes. Just of fluffy kittens. It’s the best.

This episode focused on the care of baby sloths and it was AWESOME. Please watch this clip and tell me you don’t want a baby sloth to live with you in your house. I would love my baby sloth so much and take it to work with me in a Bjorn. I’m not kidding.

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