Barkely Gets a New Set of Boots and Dances with Joy [Video]


Barkely Gets a New Set of Boots and Dances with Joy [Video]Meet Barkely.

According to the write up on his YouTube video, this sweet pup suffers from allergies which make his feet very sensitive to the salt and chemicals during the winter time. Since he lives in a climate where that’s not really avoidable, his owners had to find something that kept his feet warm, safe and happy.

They got him a pair of Muttluks Boots and while I would think wearing socks or mittens on your feet when your not used to it would be annoying. Barkely was thrilled!

It took him one walk outside to get used to them and he’s been dancing for joy ever since. It’s hard not to smile at the happy radiating from this gorgeous dog.

Photo credit: adapted from screenshot KoshitheShiba/YouTube

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