Barking Up The Wrong Tree: You Won't Believe Where This Bark is Coming From!

Barking Up The Wrong Tree: You Won't Believe Where This Bark is Coming From! via Babble
Is his bark bigger than his bite? We hope so!

When I was little, one of the reasons that my mother kept a big dog in the house, she said, was so their bark would be hefty and intimidating in case prowlers ever approached our house. So we always had a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler.

The honest truth is that she (and us kids) adored big dogs. I still do. But the big bark doesn’t hurt either as a little extra-added protection.

I’ve read several times that criminals will choose another location if one has a big dog barking behind the front door, as opposed to a house with no noise emulating from it.

I wonder what they’d think of this pet…

While the bark is a harrowing one, how many people would believe or even suspect that the actual sound is coming from a bird?

Yes, a bird.

Since this bird seems to live with dogs, it’s likely that he picked up the sound from his canine siblings.

Hey, maybe his owners need a ‘Beware of Bird’ sign.

Watch it for yourself.



Have you ever seen a bird bark? What is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen a bird say or do?

Image: YouTube


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