Being 'Turbo': A Bulldog's View Of South Beach (VIDEO)

Are we going to the beach or what?

Not long ago I posted a little piece called Being ‘Bishop': How One Dog Sees The Dog Park, which featured a super cool video created  by having a dog wear a special camera as he messed around and played in his local Nashville dog park. It was a sweet genuine look at how a dog sees life going down.

Now, comes ‘Turbo’.

A South Beach, Miami bulldog, Turbo (wearing the same GoPro HD Hero cam that Bishop used when he was making his movie*) and his creative owner bring us a charming romp around a bit of one of the hottest beach area’s in the world. Paired with some perfect ‘Bulldog On A Walk’ music, I have to admit that I fall under the spell every single time I see one of these doggy-digital flicks.

There’s just something abut the whole POV/vantage of it all, as if the view of a flea or a fly or a fairy riding up on a squat bulldog’s head while he bumbles around and let’s people pet him and fawn over him is the absolute best view on Earth.

I love how we never ever actually know what Turbo even looks like. We just go with him/we are him, as he chugs by pretty girls and is approached by a friendly pup who comes over for a quick hello (which entices Turbo to follow him/her for a big sniff of his own).

This is really amateur film-making worth checking out; mini-movies that somehow lift me up every time I watch one.

I mean c’mon, I get to be a dog, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

And that makes me happier than I can describe.

— *As with the Bishop video, I have no affiliation with GoPro at all. They just seem to be behind the driving force behind these videos that I love, so I give them a mention each time!—


Video: YouTube/piringer82


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