Bentley the Bulldog Puppy Has Something To Say


Puppy? Check. Bulldog? Check. Adorable? CHECK.

This here is Bentley. Bentley apparently really wants to either play with or get on the bed with his mom, who insists on filming him instead. Bentley’s ensuing reactions and vocalizations are, well, adorable.

I will say, though, that as cute as bulldogs are they do often have extensive health issues, ranging from eye issues to sinus issues to heart issues. So please, before you run off to the pet store after falling in love with Bentley here, please think before you buy this high-maintenance breed.

(Admittedly, if you exercise them a great deal and work hard to keep their weight down, you will eliminate many of the breed’s health issues just so you know.)

Without further ado, here is Bentley!

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