Best Kitty Trick Youve Ever Seen (Video)


kittenOur tabby cat, Lily does a little trick where she will place her two front paws on my husband’s shoulders when he taps his chest. It’s cute and when she does it, she gets a treat. But is it a trick?

It’s the only thing any of our cats does that might possibly be considered a trick, but I’m not sure it is an actual trick or just her unique way of obtaining a treat.

On the flip side, there is no mistaking the kitten’s trick in the video below. It is simply amazing!

The fluffy black and white kitty gives a left paw as well as a right paw, or maybe it’s a high-five. And then what she does next is too cute for words.

When her owner says, “bang, bang”, she flops over and plays dead. It is quite possibly the cutest cat behavior I’ve ever seen.

Watch it right here:

Image: YouTube


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