Big Dog Cools Off In A Little Bucket


Big Dog Cools Off In A Little BucketOk, so it’s only a few days into the official summer season, but whew, it has been nothing but hot and sticky here in New York City. People and pets are doing all they can to stay cool. Lucky pups get to relax in style in air conditioning or in front of fans, but some dogs just love water.

This black lab is certainly one of them, and the pup in this video must be pretty hot. This big dog cools off in a little bucket, or at least she tries to. First, the two front paws go directly and then she graduates to stuffing her four big paws into the little bucket.

Smart pup, we all know there is nothing quite as refreshing as a cool sprinkle on a hot day.

[videopost src=’’ width=’640′ height=’400′]

Image: YouTube

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