Bird Comes Up With Solution for Workaholics Who Won't Stop Work [Video]


birdI have never really seen the draw to get a bird as a pet. They seem to be noisy and I am not really sure what you can do with them, but I will give it to you that they can be quite cute.

I know that having a pet can bring great things to your life — can reduce stress and make you happier. Even though I can’t see the real draw to a pet bird friend, I have a feeling they are smarter than I give them credit for and well, have some great tricks up their sleeve.

In this funny video, uploaded by YouTube user risaagata, a single bird seems to have come up with the perfect answer on how to help workaholics who have a hard time leaving the office. Maybe everyone should invest in a bird friend if they’re having trouble with the work/home balance

Photo credit: screenshot risaagata /YouTube
Source: YouTube; standard YouTube License

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