Blue Dog in Elephant Butte Retains His Freedom — Sort Of


We wrote about Blue, the free roaming dog that lives in Elephant Butte, New Mexico back in May. Blue had been abandoned in the town ten years earlier and had become a sort of town mascot. Several attempts had been made to adopt the dog, but he didn’t particularly want a family so he stayed loose and roaming, coming to roost most days at the town’s general store.

Neighbors donated money to his care and built him a lovely heated and cooled dog house, but with a viscous dog attack in a neighboring town, Blue’s free roaming status was in jeopardy.

Luckily, the town has come to a decision that seems to have made everyone happy.

Blue will be allowed to roam loose over about an acre of land, confined by an invisible fence donated by Invisible Fence of New Mexico.

It’s going to take Blue a while to get used to his new rules, though, according to Janice Connor, co-owner of the general store:

They did a lot of training with him, but it’s going to take a while,” she said of the system that delivers a shock-like jolt through a dog’s collar when it crosses a defined perimeter. “He has gone out one time, and he fought coming back through it.”

It’s great to see that Blue is being allowed to roam, and here’s hoping he adapts well to his new limitations!


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