Brady Wants You to Pet Him But He Can't Handle It


Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 3.45.28 PMThis is my dog Brady. He’s a yellow lab and he’s not quite two years old. His heart is FILLED with love. He is a gentle, sweet and ridiculous soul who has some impulse control problems. His tail never, ever stops wagging. He frequently makes noises like Chewbacca for no discernible reason. He will chase a tennis ball until his legs fall off. He chews and nibbles on everything non-stop. He does that awesome dog thing where he stops, tilts his head and looks at you like “say what now?”

But there is one thing about Brady that never fails to crack me up and is frankly, a little strange. Brady always, always wants us to pet him but when we do, he just can’t handle it. There are five people who live in my house and they all adore this dog and pay tons of attention to him. It’s just that, he can’t get enough love and hugs and belly rubs. He loves it so much that he gets all weird and steps on his own face and then usually he falls down. Then when he falls down, he rolls over so you’ll scratch his belly.

See for yourself. He does this all the time. DOGS ARE SO AWESOME.

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