Brazilian Cat is a Smuggler and May Have Had Accomplices


Brazilian Cat is a Smuggler and May Have Had AccomplicesWay back in October, I suggested that the animals of the world were working in cahoots to take over the planet.  Here is another piece of evidence.  Police “thought there was something suspicious” about a little white cat who they say often slipped in and out of the gate at the prison in northeastern Brazil.  Really “something suspicious?”  Taped to the cat was a cell phone,  drills, SAWS and other contraband.  It’s not that big of a cat!  Of course all that stuff taped to him wasn’t going to go unnoticed!

Police think that someone in the prison must be the suspect, who was likely planning an escape, working with the cat, but they can’t say who as the cat is not talking.  Besides considering friends and relatives of prisoners as suspects, I think we have to keep open the possibility that their were other animal helping the cat (of course, it would have to be ones who know how to work tape).  I think some animals got together and figured that they would free some prisoners who would then be indebted to them.  They could use these human minions to carry out their world domination plan.  You have to think outside the box, people.  Outside the box.

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