Brilliant Ad with Bulldog (video)


While I was a vet tech, we did a “foreign object” surgery at least once a week. When you have animals living with people, you have the perfect setup for this sort of thing, and lord knows dogs and cats love to chew and eat up stuff they aren’t supposed to.

I remember the poodle that loved panty hose; we operated on her three times before the owner gave them up (hey, it was the 80s, we all still wore ’em). There was the dog that ate a whole tennis ball. My personal favorite was the dog that ate contraceptive sponges (remember those?); the owner was so mortified she ran out of the practice and never came back.

But the number one thing we took out of dogs? Car keys. I think they knew it would keep their owners home. Apparently, VW knew this when it made this hilarious new ad.

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