Cat Chasing a Dog Chasing a Leash Will Leave You Dizzy and Laughing (Video)


Cat Chasing a Dog That's Chasing a LeashAre you still with me after that title? This may be one of the strangest videos I have seen, yet totally entertaining.

In typical dog fashion, this confused pup doesn’t realize that he is wearing a leash and when he sees it move when he moves, he feels compelled to chase it around the ottoman. I know he probably expects to catch this runaway leash, but we can’t expect too much from him … he is a dog.

Then, as if that isn’t enough entertainment for us. There is a cat sitting on the ottoman that is being circled by the overly confused dog. The cat — in typical cat fashion, gets angry at the dog and starts to chase him… going in circles as well.

It’s a whole cluster of weird in one very entertaining video. If you’re prone to dizziness, then you may need to look away. Otherwise, have a look and laugh along with me.

Click through to watch the crazy video of the dog chasing the leash that’s being chased by the cat:

Image: screen shot from  /YouTube


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