Cat Forces A Dog To Pet Him (Video)


Cat Forces Dog To Pet Him (Video)Everyone knows that cats get what they want. They will not beg and do tricks for treats like dogs, but they certainly have a way of getting, or perhaps demanding, what they want…even unusual things. My cat Lily will meow and meow at me the second her water bowl goes dry. She will not let up until I fill it up, and then she’s off not needing me again until she wants something else.

This sly cat, named Luke, certainly gets what he wants…from the family dog! This cat forces Tally, the beagle mix, to pet him, and not just for a second or two either. This cute kitty goes back and forth from paw to paw until he is thoroughly scratched and soothed and lapping up the love. The dog doesn’t quite know what to do with this forced affection and stares at Luke, almost in disbelief at times.

Watch as this spunky cat forces a dog to pet him:

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